The Story of Light Festival – Exploring the Intersection of Science, Philosophy, and Culture through Art and Design

Interpreting our universe can be difficult, but science, philosophy and culture can together play a huge part in explaining our place within it. The Story of Light (SOL) festival – that will take place in Goa, India on 14-18 January 2015 – has been conceived under the framework of IYL 2015, to celebrate life and the universe, and is championed by collaborations between artists and scientists. The festival has three main goals: to increase public awareness of quantum physics and our universe; to spur new philosophical perspectives on the nature of reality; and to encourage society to ponder light technologies for sustained development.

Code as communication. Credits: Gene Kogan

Code as communication. Credits: Gene Kogan

The organising committee comes together from various disciplines—art, science, design, and education—and are committed to communicating leading-edge science into stories and forms that will amaze, entertain and educate. They hope to explore baffling and mesmerising questions across the themes of light and life, seeing and perceiving, light in technology and our universe. Questions we all want to know the answers to: What does infinity look like? How do the blind perceive reality? What on earth does a string have to do with time and space? How do we know exactly what we see?

The committee opened a call for proposals on their website in July 2014 for interactive, educational, and bold events across the categories of public installations, performances, workshops, talks, and screenings. The call closed with 130 strong proposals coming in from India, Brazil, UK, US, Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, to name a few countries. These were brought down to 45 interactive works, ranging from public installations to dynamic workshops and immersive performances. The festivities will also include children and teenager workshops hosted by Goa Science Center in collaboration with Sterrenlab (NL), Universe Simplified (IN) and Universe Awareness (Global) as well as a panel discussion hosted by LSE Cities’s Configuring Light program among city authorities, urban planners, lighting companies and the public on urban lighting in public spaces.

The festival is not-for-profit and completely free to attend for all. It expects 100,000 visitors including school and university students, visiting tourists from India, locals, and foreign tourists.

Everything that has been set up so far has been self-funded by the festival core team and through generous in kind contributions by the artists and scientists themselves. Now they need your support to turn all their efforts into reality through a crowdfunding campaign. Anyone can easily contribute by pledging a chosen amount, and every Euro counts! The funds will primarily be used to make the participation of artists and scientists possible by financing production costs, accommodation and logistics. Make your pledge now and become a sparkling part of the Story of Light Festival in magical Goa, India!

Jonathan DiasJonathan Dias‘s father wanted him to become some kind of engineer. Or a lawyer. Or a chartered accountant. Jonathan joined advertising and became a copywriter instead. His father wasn’t very pleased. He now freelances for magazines and papers like Maxim and the Herald, writing about women, food and gadgets. Things he knows nothing about. He is also attempting to write a cook book that involves a lot of bacon and beer. Also, he is a science ignoramus, but is learning on the job with The Story of Light!


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