Lighting Designers for the IYL 2015

Do you have any friends involved in lighting design? If so, you surely know that we are not only professionals who design effective illumination with a creative approach on how to integrate a lighting concept within the built environment. Above all, we are passionate about the physics and the magic of light, about lighting as a media to enhance people’s everyday life.

Lighting Designer

Collaborating with architects and engineers, artists and experts in cultural heritage, facilities and maintenance managers, private and public stakeholders, lighting designers can be found in retail and office environments, hospitals and hotels, in schools and cities. Indeed, lighting educators, researchers and designers collaborate in order to take care of staff performance and patient recovery, as well as planning for children’s health and their ability to learn. The intensity and color temperature of light have physiological effects on blood pressure, heart rate variability, melatonin, etc.; exposure to lighting with different illuminances and correlated color temperature can affect physiologically the quality of sleep, alertness and perceived self-efficacy. We apply both natural and artificial lighting to influence the mood and well-being of people, designing for comfort, atmosphere and feelings.

If our work is fundamental for guiding and welcoming the passengers in airports and railway stations, it also affects the perception and the relationship between citizens and public spaces. You can recognize urban spaces touched by our design, since you won’t find over-illumination, energy waste, nor light trespass, also known as “light-pollution”. Lighting design can help us feel safe and secure but also can make a significant contribution to social cohesion and economic progress; this is true not only in city centers and developed countries: well lit environments for social and underprivileged areas and people (especially if invited to participate in the design process) improve self consciousness as citizens and their growth expectations (in particular for children and adolescents).

Architectural Lighting Design: “Memorial to the Victims of Violence in Mexico”, Mexico City | Lighting Design by Lighteam | Photographer: Sandra Pereznieto

Architectural Lighting Design: “Memorial to the Victims of Violence in Mexico”, Mexico City | Lighting Design by Lighteam | Photographer: Sandra Pereznieto

Lighting design is all about science, art and love. We spend more time on admiring a sunray that creates colored shadows (as an inspiration for our next project), or talking with people about their perception and their needs, than considering our profession as a business, or thinking about marketing! This is also why we belong to professional associations: institutions who guarantee the quality and the continued education of their members, while defending the consumers.

These are small national associations, as well as international ones, of great importance, for example IALD, Patron Sponsor of IYL 2015, who first committed to establish architectural lighting design as a Cornerstone for 2015… well then, these associations cannot always communicate with each other in the interests of all professionals and educators. For this reason we have all contributed to establishing L-RO, Lighting-Related Organizations: a voluntary federation of 45 associations, educational institutions and media, active on an international scale. Lighting-Related Organizations aims to raise awareness and increase the reputation of the lighting design profession and education.

Members of the Lighting-Related Organizations  |  L-RO  |

Members of the Lighting-Related Organizations | L-RO |

When the UN declared 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, a dialogue started with the IYL 2015 General Secretariat, in order to represent all the professionals and educators who work with light in the build environment.

L-RO shares the UNESCO goals for 2015, such as highlighting to the citizens the importance of light, optical technologies and lighting design in their lives, for their futures and for the development of society. Lighting-Related Organizations will enhance international cooperation in this direction, by organizing events, providing contents and the occasion to gather, that will be shared also through the media included in L-RO.

As Partner of the IYL 2015, Lighting-Related Organizations is honored and proud to support this global initiative and UNESCO, with the extraordinary Official Activities Program by L-RO. Lighting-related people from all over the world contributed to realize this calendar of events, which is in itself a proof of their creativity, commitment, passion and professionalism. The activities included in the Program cover social, technical, educational, cultural and artistic approaches to light and its technology. Some ideas have the potential to be  replicable elsewhere, so they will become a format and will help other colleagues in raising awareness for the importance of light and lighting design in other parts of the world!

We all aim to collaborate with IYL 2015 Steering and national committees, to highlight the importance of research, to promote lighting in sustainable development and explain the intimate link between light, art and culture. This is what lighting designers and educators do on a daily basis.

In order to achieve these goals, L-RO will establish a cooperation with scientists, physicists, artists and educators, will promote more than ten conferences within 2015, both national and international, and will help in developing several workshops and social events that will be held in 20 countries throughout 2015.

Lighting-Related Organizations looks forward to maintaining the same goals and continuing a collaboration  with UNESCO beyond 2015.

If you wish to participate and learn more about the Official Activities Program, please visit and “Like” our page on Facebook: Turn on your light,  stay tuned!

ChiChiara Carucciara Carucci (@passoluce), is a freelance lighting designer, workingsince 2004 for cultural heritage and lighting master plans. Her activism to raise awareness of the profession passes through several publications on international lighting magazines and blogs. She co-founded the professional network, Italian Lighting Designers (ILD) to spread the culture of quality projects.

As a result of the successful ILD campaign “Let’s  #LightUp2015!”, Chiara Carucci is the lead Coordinator of the Lighting-Related Organizations, L-RO, especially for the UN International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015.

3 thoughts on “Lighting Designers for the IYL 2015

  1. Thank you to all the lighting designers who do so much to enhance our lives. We take it for granted that we will have light available on demand, that our streets, buildings, etc., will be illuminated. Maybe it would take turning off these lights to see how safe people feel to get appreciation. Imagine the protests!

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