Light and Shadow

In 2014, I lived in a cabin in Hornitos, Chile, invited by the project Plataforma Atacama. I dwelled at a lost beach in the border of the desert among sea lions, pelicans and wild dogs. My contact with other individuals was limited to visits I received every two weeks in which I was provided with food, water and fuel. The relative isolation allowed me to ponder over the beauty that arises from the observation of light and shadow. In one occasion, I drafted in my diary this short story:

Hornitos, August 19th, 2014

Walking in a sunny day and in a cloudy day, doing the same way in these two weather conditions is to be in two different places moved by the same stimulus. In both, as the philosopher of the reverie says, vegetal values command us, but the variation of the  tons offered by the nature of light takes us to distant places. The Sun never prevails. It lights up the route, but who gives shyness to the world is the inner luminescence. The star, of course, will illuminate them. But in the days that it is present, seduction happens by an inevitable unfolding of its brightness, not for its light. In a sunny day I am guided by the shadows; somehow, they become as important as or more than things. They are flat cutouts that dance in the relief with so much power that they are no longer chained to the bodies and gain power. They become cause, not effect anymore.

In my fantasies I imagine a massive block. A monolith carved by the man in hard material that was forgotten in the field. This body generates a shadow which is the result of its quality of rampart. It is a shadow forgotten in the field. A solid material of which is constituted is also able to desire. And there is a desire. A desire for his double reflected on the floor. In a certain hour of the day, he observes his dark figure printed in the landscape and likes what he sees. In the right measure he wants to imprison that shape, but it is impossible. The sun will change the position and will take it with it. At least, he makes some effort to support her. What would be a powerful sculpture: a body that changes its own position during the whole day that spins in the three axes growing and shrinking to have with it the shadow that through it built affection. That it would be a beautiful piece, a beautiful inversion of hierarchy.

F1010023Cadu is a contemporary artist based in Rio de Janeiro currently living in Mexico City. He is pursuing a post-doc in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is a lecturer at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage and at the Dynamic Encounters Project since 2000. He received several awards, including Prêmio Pipa 2013, and residency scholarships. His work was exhibited in several Art Biennials around the world.


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