Share your Sunset

Light is a complex topic to be discussed and it is not easy to write about it. First of all, light has no materiality, which makes it difficult for the general public to connect with it. Secondly, people usually give attention to light and it’s qualities in a more subconscious level. In some parts of the world, the availability of electric light is such a common part of our lives during night time that we don’t even have to think about it. To try to remove the boundary between people and lighting design and raise awareness about our main source of life, daylight, we organized the event #shareyoursunset that will request people to stop, look and reflect on the sunset. Daylight is the best kind of light there is for us humans and it deserves to be recognized more, both in our everyday lives and in our profession.


Share Your Sunset

#shareyoursunset is an event about connecting people around the world with daylight. The idea of this event is to ask people from different backgrounds, locations and cultures to share pictures of the sunset during one week of March. The week selected is between 21st and 28th of March, which is around the time of the Spring (Autumn) Equinox. This special time of the year symbolizes the return of the Sun and rebirth of life and it is a unique period of time where the length of the day and the night is approximately the same around the world.

Once people have shared their pictures by using #shareyoursunset, they will be presented on our blog Focal Glow in an interactive way. It will be possible to see all of them together and celebrate the different colors and light qualities all over the world. Comparing the sunset pictures will be a way to understand the different meanings and importance daylight has to people on a geographic scale. It is also an opportunity for all of us to reflect on sunlight together and enjoy the benefits that we get from it; mentally, visually, biologically and in terms of aesthetics.

Sunset, light and colors

Daylight consists of different frequencies of light waves but not all of these wavelengths are visible to the human eye. Once the daylight reaches the atmosphere of the Earth it passes through the gases that the atmosphere consists of and during this process light with different wavelengths are scattered. The reason the sky has different colors during sunset is due to the distance light has to travel through the atmosphere is larger on the horizon.

Event and Participation:

– Take a photo of the sunset where you live on 21-28 March.

– Share it on the event page or other social media. Mention your location and hashtag: #shareyoursunset

– The pictures will be gathered all of them on the blog Focal Glow and presented in an interactive way

PortraitPatsy Louise Bellido (left) and Yousef Tavakoli (right) are KTH architectural lighting design students that created this event by the blog Focal Glow . The event was developed to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015. Focal Glow has as a goal to raise awareness of lighting design and focus on topics like luminaire design, architectural lighting and daylighting, with the motto “lighting design for everyone”

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