The Midnight Run // European Tour 2015

Founded in 2005 by Inua Ellams, The Midnight Run (MNR) is a walking, dusk to dawn, arts led, cultural journey through a city. It gathers strangers and local artists to explore, play and create whilst the city sleeps; a temporary community migrating in the urban sphere from 6 pm to 6 am.

To celebrate 10 years of growing success, this summer 2015, The Midnight Run embarks on a European Tour from May to September with events in Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin and Paris, coordinated by CCT-SeeCity – The “Guidezine” about Seeties, Places & People. UNESCO supports The Midnight Run 2015 (#MNRlight2015) project and includes all the events in the official programme of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015), proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

280 MNRunners = 280 Liters of Light!

50% of funds raised from event tickets will be donated to Liter of Light NGO, the goal being to provide low-cost solar lighting technology to a new centre for women and children called “The House of Marietou” and located in Pikine, a suburban village of Dakar, capital city of Senegal. Here, by the end of the IYL 2015, Liter of Light Italia will install 280 lights (both street and home lamps) thanks to the 280 MNRunners of The #MNRlight2015.

The #MNRlight2015 Programme

1) ROMA, 23 May [35 MNRunners + 5 Local Artists]

2) MADRID, 20 June [35 MNRunners + 5 Local Artists]

3) LONDON, 18 July [35 MNRunners + 5 Local Artists x 4 Events]
 * 4) BERLIN, 15 August [35 MNRunners + 5 Local Artists]

5) PARIS, 12 September [35 MNRunners + 5 Local Artists]

* Because it is The Midnight Run’s city of birth, the London event will consist of 4 simultaneous MNRs from the 4 corners of the city.

As always, each MNR event will be documented by photos and video.


Follow The Midnight Run on Facebook and book your ticket (30€) as soon as the event is created. For further information, email to:

The MNR & Cities

Cities are becoming fast-paced and lonely places to live in, where there is little time to play, meet new people, or discover new areas and ways of existing. The Midnight Run celebrates the simplicity of engaging with new individuals and environments, whilst integrating artistic activations that are inclusive and participatory. The MNR slows everything right down to walking and talking. To date, there have been MNR events in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Florence & Auckland.

The MNR & Local Artists

For each event, The Midnight Run invites at least 5 local Artists because they are the life and soul of cities! They have other ways of seeing the world, know their own areas, and The MNR works by collaboration: Artists help plan the route, document the event (e.g. filmmakers, photographers, illustrators) and set creative tasks and challenges for the MNRunners.

Inua EllamsInua Ellams (top) is the MNR Founder, Artistic Director & Facilitator.

Elena Mazzoni Wagner (middle) is the MNR European Coordinator & CCT-SeeCity Founder.

Belinda Boakye (bottom) is MNR Communication Manager.

Elena Mazzoni WagnerFounded in 2009 by Elena Mazzoni Wagner, CCT-SeeCity is “The Guidezine about Seeties, Places & People” and an award-winning Cultural Association from Italy; it’s an ever-expanding community that shares Cultures, Curiosities and Creativity. CCT- SeeCity has supported The Midnight Run since 2011 and it coordinates The #MNRlight2015 project.

Belinda Boakye

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