Magic Optics

Soon after my summer vacation of class 7 in India, the annual school science exhibition was announced. Every year I was making science models in a group of 2-3 students. This time I decided to go alone for my model. Few days back my dad had showed me a magnifying glass and its experiment. He also showed me many optical illusions. Hence, I decided to make my models using optics. In fact I named it “Magical Optics”.

20150627_113848My dad told me to go through some websites like, and These sites had good information to understand and to practice with optics. Thereafter I prepared seven models related with optics. Two were regarding illusion, whereas one was using a plane mirror. I made a small box with a plane mirror to hide a falling coin. I also prepared a fiber-optic cable’s model using a water filled plastic tube. The rest of my models were related with hiding of an object in water due to refraction and the behavior of lenses and prism. The best thing was that I used normal household items to make all these models.

I was very happy when judges appreciated my models and told that it was perhaps best model in Junior science class (Class 7 -10). I have begged third prize in this competition in class 6-10 category. Many among visitors were not knowing that 2015 is the International Year of Light. I referred them to above websites for more detail. I was very happy and wanted to thank the above mentioned websites for enriching my knowledge and for this motivation.

Aditi Jain studies in Class 7 at Atomic Energy Central School in India. She is 12 years old and has secured A1 grade in all standards till this time. Aditi enjoys doing simple science experiments. She loves swimming and Badminton as her extra curricular activities. She also enjoys craft and drawing activities.

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